About me

I'm a documentary photographer- working predominantly in the UK- photographing weddings! I have photographed over a 100 weddings over the last 5 years and it's been SO fun to have been a part of each of them.  I've loved snapping moments when no one knows I am and using light to make beautiful and striking photos. 

I moved to Liverpool from Sheffield a few years ago but travel anywhere and everywhere; UK and beyond!  Please get in touch if you would like to hear more!

About my approach to your wedding

I capture your day as it unfolds, documenting everything that happens. I want you to be able to look back at your photos as a narrative of the day and enjoy remembering the moments as they took place. To achieve this I am intentionally discreet and unobtrusive. For most of the day I won't be posing you or ask you to stand and smile at the camera (although I will happily arrange some family 'line-up' shots in my own 'semi-formal-but-better-when-relaxed' style). I always like to have a bit of time with you alone to capture some creative, but natural looking photos of just the two of you. This is the only point during the day where I will be directive in order to place you in the best light (and help you to know what to do with your hands if you're looking a little unsure).

Before the wedding day I like to get to know you a bit. This can be chatting via Skype/FaceTime, meeting for a coffee, or arranging a pre-shoot. It's great to hear a bit about what you'd like your day to be like, your plans so far and an opportunity for me to tell you a bit about how we can work together to achieve the best photos possible from your day. 

After your wedding I spend time editing and selecting the best photos for your USB (and album if you choose to have one). You should expect about 500+ photos from a full wedding day all of which will be edited and in full resolution for you to print/share/enjoy. 

The best way to get a feel for my photography is to look at my blog.
For a selection of some of my favourite wedding stories, have a look at my portfolio.