Wedding: Jess & Vinny

You all know by now that industrial city weddings are one of my faves- so Jess & Vinny's 99 Mary St/Trafalgar Warehouse combo was a dream! This happened to be a last minute booking for me, and I'm very glad I had a Saturday free in a busy summer to be able to say yes to working with Jess & Vin! The ceremony was officiated by a friend of theirs which made it really lovely and personal! Everyone then spilled out onto the street to enjoy the sunshine and a drink or two before making their way to Trafalgar Warehouse to continue the party! 

Jess (I presume??) had created so.many. personal details that were all over the warehouse. Personalised beer mats, boards telling everyone a bit about each member of the bridal party, personalised "Guess Who' with the guests names and faces (!!), photos of family and friends from their wedding was all amazing! Also a big shout out to Flick from Innercity Weddings (who is brilliant and lovely- and did a fab job at putting the wedding together!) 

Ruth Atkinson

I am a photographer, currently mainly shooting weddings and family portraits. Although I am based in Liverpool, most of the time I am travelling elsewhere in the country for work. I work in a documentary way which means I record what is going on without setting up photographs. I like it natural!