Wedding: Clare & Jon

Mmm I love a London wedding! The Asylum in Peckham had been on my wish list as a venue to shoot in for ages, not to mention the reception venue, Brunswick House - Vauxhall, which is the quirkiest venue full of random objects, chandeliers and furniture all with price tags hanging off them. You can literally buy anything you see.

The day started with me going to see all the BM's and Clare at an Airbnb house they had booked. It seems to be a popular trick at the moment. I had a fun morning photographing everyone getting ready and discovering the style choices of leather jackets all round! We then hopped on a red London bus to head to the Asylum where all the guests were waiting to meet the bride. The ceremony came in two parts- the official bit with the registrars, and then a blessing performed by Jon's dad which was all lovely! 

Before heading to meet the guests at Brunswick House, we snuck off to take some photos on the edge of the Thames (which Clare had bought pink jelly shoes for in preparation for the mud) One prepared bride!

The evening was full of good food, speeches and ceilidh dancing (which Thom and I found totally hilarious to watch/photograph). It would seem that remembering the callers steps when she isn't calling them doesn't come naturally to most!

Ruth Atkinson

I am a photographer, currently mainly shooting weddings and family portraits. Although I am based in Liverpool, most of the time I am travelling elsewhere in the country for work. I work in a documentary way which means I record what is going on without setting up photographs. I like it natural!