Wedding: Kitty & James

One of the joys of my job is that it has reconnected me to people that I haven't seen or heard from in years! James and I met on holiday in France when we were 17- and so it was really fun to meet him again and be introduced to his fiancé (now wife - whoop whoop!) 10 years on!  

The wedding took place in Clapham- London, and it was just lovely! Following a service in Holy Trinity, Clapham, all the guests wondered across the common to the church hall which had been decorated beautifully! Kitty had hand written all the name places and signs etc using her mad calligraphy skillz (which must have taken her ageees!) but was very worth it!

Thanks to Kitty & James for having us- we loved it xx

Ruth Atkinson

I am a photographer, currently mainly shooting weddings and family portraits. Although I am based in Liverpool, most of the time I am travelling elsewhere in the country for work. I work in a documentary way which means I record what is going on without setting up photographs. I like it natural!