Portraits: Scotland

What does a photographer do on holiday? Take photos of course! Elie on the Fife coastline in Scotland is a total stunner of a place and the perfect backdrop to use for some bridal portraits. Emma (one of my beautiful sister-in-laws) agreed to model for me and the totally lovely Cath from Blue Poppy Florist  provided us with a wild bouquet and flower crown.  The weather played along and provided us with some loveeely light. 

Model: Emma Mullen |  Flowers: Blue Poppy Florist  |  Location: Elie, Fife  |  Skirt: Needle & Thread

Tops: Oasis/Phase Eight  |   Assistant: Imogen Atkinson  |   Photography: Ruth & Thom Atkinson 

Ruth Atkinson

I am a photographer, currently mainly shooting weddings and family portraits. Although I am based in Liverpool, most of the time I am travelling elsewhere in the country for work. I work in a documentary way which means I record what is going on without setting up photographs. I like it natural!