Wedding: Jess & Vinny

You all know by now that industrial city weddings are one of my faves- so Jess & Vinny's 99 Mary St/Trafalgar Warehouse combo was a dream! This happened to be a last minute booking for me, and I'm very glad I had a Saturday free in a busy summer to be able to say yes to working with Jess & Vin! The ceremony was officiated by a friend of theirs which made it really lovely and personal! Everyone then spilled out onto the street to enjoy the sunshine and a drink or two before making their way to Trafalgar Warehouse to continue the party! 

Jess (I presume??) had created so.many. personal details that were all over the warehouse. Personalised beer mats, boards telling everyone a bit about each member of the bridal party, personalised "Guess Who' with the guests names and faces (!!), photos of family and friends from their wedding was all amazing! Also a big shout out to Flick from Innercity Weddings (who is brilliant and lovely- and did a fab job at putting the wedding together!) 

Wedding: Natalie & Joe

I think I always say this- but I LOVE London weddings. There is something about the streets, busses, skyline and buzz of the city which is a lot of fun to photograph. I was pretty pleased to have the opportunity to go back to St. JOHN in Farringdon too where I photographed Grace & Owen's wedding last was just as brilliant this time! It is interesting going back to a venue I've worked in before- trying to find new angles and ideas when in a familiar space is a good challenge. 

Natalie & Joe's ceremony took place in Lauderdale House and was followed with everyone piling on two London busses to get to the reception. It was beautiful- and chilled- and emotional at times! I think one of my favourite moments of the day was when the groomsmen turned on a projector to show a (very well made!) homemade vid involving a lot of the wedding party-there were happy tears! 

Hope you enjoy scrolling through some of their pics! Thank you Natalie & Joe for having us along! xx

Wedding: Christian & Rebecca

Hello lovely people. I've been meaning to post this  beaut wedding for a while. Christian and Rebecca chose a glorious day for their Lake District wedding a few months back. Like quite a few of my weddings recently it was a brilliant mix of families from 2 cultures- bringing their own wedding traditions together to make a really unique and personal day. This wedding also had a couple of special guests- two llamas! I overheard one of the German guests questioning whether it was some kind of British wedding tradition...but no...Rebecca just loves llamas!

Enjoy looking through a snapshot of their day! Thanks to C&R for having us along- and for being up for walking the not so short distance to get photos by the lakeside! Worth it I think!! xx