Andrea Bocelli

I went to Leeds with the Thomas Fredrick Willetts Foundation last weekend. The TFW Foundation are a charity who help disadvantaged young people in the UK through the medium of music. They are aiming to enrich local communities with facilities and opportunities that promote the use of music and art. 

Through a programme of community driven initiatives, Luminary Awards for disadvantaged young people, educational projects and the creation of new performing arts venues and facilities we are determined to place music, arts and culture at the centre of the community. Our motivation is in making a connection through music that will inspire, encourage and bring joy to the lives of all it touches.

I went to photograph a children's choir from a school in Hackney which the TFWF had brought to the Bocelli concert in Leeds to sing on stage with Bocelli himself. 

Whilst I was there the Bocelli team asked me to get some shots for them too and I had the privilege of getting on stage to shoot some close-ups of Bocelli playing the piano. The concert was stunning and I loved being able to hear Bocelli, the orchestras, choirs, and other artists perform. Heather Headley (in the blue dress) sang some solos and duets and was breathtaking! They had a little dance in the middle of one of their duets. You can purchase any of these photographs in either digital or print format from my store.

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Ruth Atkinson

I am a photographer, currently mainly shooting weddings and family portraits. Although I am based in Liverpool, most of the time I am travelling elsewhere in the country for work. I work in a documentary way which means I record what is going on without setting up photographs. I like it natural!